Salted Peanut Butter Cookies (Crack Cookies)

I wish I’d never even tried them….I was cursing myself while caving yet again I confessed as much to the barista.  This time I wasn’t even ordering it as a little side note after thought to the coffee….I went straight in just for the cookie.  They’re unbelievable salty, sweet, chewy, big enough to satisfy but because they’re high instead of just wide you don’t feel like a total pig.

At first I didn’t think they even looked that good, just a few spare cookies on the side looking more coffee shop cool that gramma yummy, but the ‘salted’ in the title got the better of me and I just got too curious and decided to give them a go one day.  I remember asking the barista if they were soft inside (they just look hard).  She said yes, not really fully believing her I figured I didn’t have to eat it if I didn’t like it….. BIG MISTAKE.

I didn’t like it, I loved it!  The kind of love that gives you daily cravings instantly.  They’re just downstairs from my apartment and I don’t have that kind of will power.

At $3.25 a pop plus tip, you’d think that could slow me down a little but for the happiness it gives me it’s the best $3.25 I’ll spend all day.

My father in law is coming to town next week, and I want to share these little wonders with him, but I’m afraid to confess to the expensive habit….I don’t want any judgement or knocks back into reality.

I want to share them with my husband too, but really we can’t afford the double habit daily.  And I do go to the gym more than him….

So for now they’ll stay my little 3pm afternoon luxury.  Thank you Toby’s.


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