The search for the best cheesecake

New in New York and searching this city for the best New York cheesecake…. they’re famous for it – so it’s got to be done.  I’ll keep you updated on the misses as hits as I attempt to figure this question out…where is the best cheesecake in NYC?

So far in the lead I have Magnolia Bakery.  More known for their cupcakes and not the traditional ‘slice’ of cheesecake I was looking for but the fluffiest sweetest circle of love I’ve found yet.  If you have a sweet tooth like me this is your best stop.  Go for vanilla, anything else will be too much.

A second favourite and worth just visit to see all the cakes they have on offer, Pasticceria Rocco.  This was a firmer more traditional cheesecake, with a less sweet more thick cheese flavour.  Still delicious.  Oh and if you take it home they tie the box in a sweet white and red thread that just makes it feel more like culture than fat.  Warning…do not consume leftover cheesecake after cookies and pasta…..went to bed feeling more fat than culture.

Will keep you posted!!!



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