Glossier showroom with your mother

On her way back from visiting her own parents my mom stopped in NYC for a couple of nights.  After trying my Glossier stretch concealer mom wanted to get some.  Not quite realising we’d have to go to their showroom or how busy said showroom might be I suggested we pick some up for her later that day.   You know after a stroll (14km) around Central Park.

We got a cab there as I didn’t want to mess around finding it, and was already zonked from Central Park.

You arrive at the bottom of a warehouse type place, definitely the most warehouse my mom had ever been too.  Where there’s a rack full of online orders for pick up. It looks more like a fashion event’s going to happen there later and those are the gift bags. Mom was busy asking the security guard what all those bags were as we waited for the lift up.

Up to total mayhem.  20 somethings everywhere pushing to try out the make-up, pouting in mirrors, posing for selfies….to her credit this did not stop my mother.  In search of the miracle-working stretch concealer.  Getting in there, pushing others out-of-the-way as she tried on the colours.  And faced me with two different concealers under her eyes, going which one’s best?

I felt like I also had to make the trip worthwhile as I was clearly never coming back to this mess, and will stick to ordering online.  So I picked up a sunscreen Invisible Shield.  Bit boring but always useful if you feel in the need to buy something but don’t really need anything.   Normally I wear Clinique City Block– which I love.  Has a slight tint so you can skip foundation in the summer.  The Invisible Shield is good because it doesn’t have any colour….so better for those occasions you don’t need any tint.  Although to be honest, if I’m bothering to put something on it’s quite nice to have a tint…

After two rather practical purchases, I think mom and I were both thinking the same thing.  We needed to get something else….something more fun, along the make-up line.  Mom starts asking the ladies with iPads (clearly just there to take orders- there’s no till)…until we found one that would humour her.  I think mom was looking more for a ‘this would match your eye colour and works well hiding fine lines’….instead we got ‘Beyonce wore this one’.  I really don’t think my mother cares which one Beyonce wears but anyway we were already in so far and keen to make a purchase.  So we both got Lidstar and split the duo.  (I got Beyonce’s colour – cub).

If you haven’t tried Glossier yet, I recommend you order online. Start with Boy Brow and Moisturizing Moon Mask.

Here’s a photo of my very happy, very fablous mother with her purchases.





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