Stowe, VT

This past weekend we flew to Stowe for a long weekend ski trip from NYC.  Such a lovely little town and super easy to get to, providing you drive.  Here are my top tips from the weekend.

STAY: We stayed at the Green Mountain Inn it’s in a great location.  Not to far from the mountain in the morning and feels really authentic.  The staff is super sweet and really helpful.  Make sure they give you bath robes in your room for the spa area, and have the pancakes for breakfast. I pretended to be healthy one day and went for the oatmeal….made with water not milk, so a bit too healthy for my liking.

EAT: Somehow Harrison’s Restaurant & Bar gets a top review of trip advisor and seems to be a local institution.  Have a drink at the bar as it is quite cosy and avoids having TVs which all the bars seem to have.  But trust me don’t bother eating there.  I think I could even make a better pasta than my husband had and I’m a terrible cook.   The place you want to book for every single night you’re there is Plate.  California inspired, Vermont made is a wonderful combination! Everything about it is good.  I loved the atmosphere sitting by the open kitchen giving the chef thumbs up after an insane mussel chowder toast starter.  I’d go back for that alone.  I didn’t even want to have a bite of my partners for fear of missing a bite of my own main using up precious space in my stomach. (Okay not that precious).  Also have the Banana pudding for dessert.  It comes in a jar you can take home if you’re feeling restrained.


If you can’t get into Plate one night and the buffalo wings at Whip Bar and Grill are pretty insane.

DRINK: Lots of craft beer places, it’s not really my thing but if you’re looking for wine and craft beer in a little less apres – a little more swanked Cork Wine Bar satisfies all.

SHOP: You’re not there to shop, but still on the way to the mountain from Stowe are lots of ski shops.  We mostly stopped off at AJ’s for some big sales!

SKI: Most important, enjoy the fantastic views and snow ice trees at the top of the mountain.


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