Overwhelmed at Bed Bath & Beyond

Beyond is a massive understatement.  I thought after 10 years in London, NYC couldn’t overwhelm me.  Plus I’m from Canada- I get the whole North American vibe.  Cut to day 1.  My mission was new bedding after sleeping on what may have been the most stained and dirty sheets I’ve ever seen.  (Top tip, if you’re majorly grossed out use shirts to cover your pillows.)

To be fair I’m a tad indecisive at the best of times, but seriously walking into BB&B on 6th Ave… was like entering an alternative universe.  It seems big on the outside but not insane….when you enter…its another world of consumption – they’ve got jumbo everything!!!  And it’s not just sheets & soaps.  It’s mirrors, toiletries, groceries, pillows galore, tide, basically name it and you can get it there.  Shocked by the sheer size…I decided my best bet was to make all purchases on a full stomach.  So I left after touching a few sheets & taking a video for instragram which I never posted as I looked like such a dweeb in it.

For an escape I recommend Essen.  Delicious, fast, yet feels heathy!  Can’t stay away from the chips and guacamole.

Returned to BB&B found out they have an escalator for your shopping cart! Sweating like a Betty with all my new bedding I managed to grab one of these  Dr Bronner Pure-Castile liquid soap.  I knew they were good after seeing them sold at Liberty’s in London- so when I saw one for $8….it was all mine.  Best purchase of the day and I’ve been raving about it to everyone.  I got the dark blue mint one, leaves you so nice and tingly after the shower it’s amazing to wake up to.

Future BB&B purchases have been made online. xx

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